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Teach more than 2,500 children how to avoid obesity and live longer.
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Save lives by helping to distribute 15 innovative CPR Anytime kits to the community.
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Empower 1,000 people to improve their heart health by taking the My Life Check.
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Plant the seeds for research funding and the next medical breakthrough.
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Join me in my efforts to support the American Heart Association!

The young lady with me in the picture is Sarah Staudt. Sarah is 10 years old and going into the 5th grade. Sarah is also a heart survivor.
Her journey began back when she was 3 weeks old. Her parents always said that she was a happy and content baby then in December of 2003, they noticed that she was acting differently: fussy and restless. A doctors visit followed. Sarah was diagnosed with "SVT", which made her heart beat too fast. While in the Akron Children's Hospital trauma room, Sarah quit breathing and went into cardiac arrest. Her heart had been stuck in tachycardia for an estimated 48 hours beating at 260 beats a minute- double an infant's normal rate. Her body simply shut down from exhaustion. After trying various medications in an attempt to control her heart rhythm, the Doctors decided to try doing a ablation surgery to correct her arrhythmia. This surgery did not correct the problem. The prognosis was that Sarah would have to remain on medication and wait until she was 5 years old to try again. At age five, the Doctors at ACH performed a procedure called a "cryoablation" in which the doctors use a catheter to freeze cells in in the heart that produce the arrhythmia. This time Sarah's surgery was a success. Since her last surgery, Sarah has been heart medication free and she is a very healthy and active 10 year old. 2014 will mark Sarah's 11th year of participation in the Heart Walk. See her red ball cap? All participating heart survivors get one and every year they get a new pin to mark the event. Sarah is very excited to receive her 11th pin this year.
Some of the dollars raised by this event funds the research that discovers healthcare solutions like the one that saved Sarah's life. Please support me in helping to reach my lifesaving goal by giving a donation today! Thanks in advance for your support.
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