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Teach more than 2,500 children how to avoid obesity and live longer.
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Save lives by helping to distribute 15 innovative CPR Anytime kits to the community.
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Empower 1,000 people to improve their heart health by taking the My Life Check.
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Plant the seeds for research funding and the next medical breakthrough.
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Join me in my efforts to support the American Heart Association in memory of my Dad!

Many of you know my Dad's story. He passed away very tragically of a sudden cardiac arrest at the ripe old age of 60. He was not feeling well, he "had heartburn" but "wasn't having a heart attack". Left work early, got in his car, drove right by the ER of a major hospital and suffered a fatal sudden cardiac arrest. The car crashed and he died on the streets a Philadelphia with none of his family or friends by his side. Unfortunately, this is a story all too familiar. Please consider helping me reach my goal of raising $5,000 in his memory. My father passed away 7 years ago on November 28. This walk is important to me each year because it is my way of helping to ensure that others don't feel what my family and I had to feel and still feel every day without him. Please support my efforts to raise $5,000 in memory of John "Ace" Spino.
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