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Rae Hoffman AKA Sugarrae

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Teach more than 2,500 children how to avoid obesity and live longer.
($500.00 +)
Save lives by helping to distribute 15 innovative CPR Anytime kits to the community.
($200.00 +)
Empower 1,000 people to improve their heart health by taking the My Life Check.
($100.00 +)
Helps provide 10 comprehensive hospital discharge toolkits to stroke survivors and their families.
($50.00 +)
Plant the seeds for research funding and the next medical breakthrough.
($25.00 +)

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I walk in memory of CJ Hoffman - 10.2.97 - 11.29.12

In 1997 my son suffered a massive bilateral stroke. He was two weeks old. The damage from the stroke left him severely multiple handicapped his entire life, but he smiled throughout it despite the challenges he was handed. In 2012, he passed away. He was 15. I walk to honor the most amazing person I've ever known. I'm so grateful to have been able to be his mom.
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