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The 2014 Stark/Wayne Heart Walks

Kent State University at Stark on September 13th and at OARDC Secrest Arboretum Wooster on September 27th

My reason on why The American Heart Association needs your support…

Hi! My name is Tammy Hall, I am 50 years old, and I live in Massillon, Ohio. I have been an employee of Aultman Hospital for 28 yrs. I volunteer for the Heart Walk and have led as a Team Captain to represent our Medical Records Department in our hospital. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine, that while I would be raising money for the American Heart Association and hoping to help others, I would also be benefiting myself through the support of this organization.
In March of 2014, I began experiencing Syncope episodes. This became scary not only for myself but to my husband, son and also my family and co-workers, as they would deal with the aftermath of me passing out at home or in my department at work.
A month later, I was then put on a medical leave of absence, with a recommendation to seek medical help for my condition. During the time of this absence and not working I was hospitalized several times and endured many tests and evaluations. As one faces medical difficulties, you know it is then that you learn as much as you can so you can make the best decisions for your future. I learned so much on how your heart functions and works to keep you alive. As results of those tests were evaluated, I was told that a pacemaker would be the best option to cure the symptoms and problems I was having. My pacemaker procedure took place on May 27, 2014.
Six weeks after surgery, I returned back to work. Since I still continue to have some issues with shortness of breath and chest pains, my family physician felt that it would benefit to start cardiac rehabilitation in hopes to solve these issues.
All in all I cannot be thankful enough for The American Heart Association for all it does to help people like me so that I may continue to look forward to my future with my wonderful husband and son, my loving family and amazing co-workers. The director of the American Heart Association, Helene Moncman is an inspiration to everyone, she goes above and beyond when it comes to supporting this organization!
Although I have faced these heart-related adversities, I can’t begin to express how important The American Heart Association is and how many lives it helps to save everyday. If you’re ever asked to donate to this cause, please think of me, and know I am here today because of them.

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