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The 2014 Stark/Wayne Heart Walks

Kent State University at Stark on September 13th and at OARDC Secrest Arboretum Wooster on September 27th

Nicole Russ-Survivor of Heart Disease

They say that a trip to Las Vegas has the potential to change your life, which is a statement that proved true for Nicole Russ. On what was supposed to be a fun getaway for her and her husband to celebrate their ten year wedding anniversary, Nicole began her fight against heart disease. While on the trip, Nicole began to feel pain around her rib area, which the nurses at a nearby hospital attributed to either a kidney stone or lung infection. By the time that the doctors had realized what was wrong, Nicole’s pain reached a level that caused her to pass out. As she came to, she remembers the doctors faintly whispering to her that she had had multiple pulmonary embolisms, but that they were caught in time.
Back home, Nicole’s physician, Dr. Ahmed, discovered that she has an autoimmune disorder that causes pulmonary embolisms. If this disorder goes undetected and untreated it can cause early heart attacks and strokes. Nicole is now receiving treatment to prevent such tragedies. When asked what her thoughts were on the American Heart Association, she stated that “it is wonderful!” She explained that without the proper training and research she might not have been saved. Regarding her feelings towards the people who participate in the Heart Walk to help fund research, she says “I think it is so important! They are all people helping other people. One person can do something, and another person helping can make a movement.”

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