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The 2014 Philadelphia Heart Walk

November 8, 2014

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Congratulations to all of our Top Walkers! Thank you for leading by example!

Abbey Padden, Abby Tschoepe, Al Bendig, Al Deana, Alessandro Pocai, Anne Slattery, Barbara Tribuiani, Bertha Collins, Bob Burkholder, Bob Ott, Brian Corbett, Brian Effron, Brian Sweeney, Britnie Troutman-Kull, Carol Ciletti, Caryn Karff, Catherine Dow, Chas & Deena Cohen, Caz Steiner, Chuck Payne, Cindy Marino, Daphne Salick Ryan, David Carle, David McQuaid, David Rich, Dawn Rich, Deena Thornton, Donald Nash, Eileen Censullo, Eileen Murray, Ellie Kmiec, Elliot Barnathan, Frances Herr, Frank Daly, Gabi Tanis, Gail Greenspon, Gary Ginsberg, Helen Cockerham, Howard Eisen, Howard Herrmann, James Kerrigan, James Martin, James Robinson, Janice Marini, Jason Feuerman, Jennifer Cox, Jennifer Davis, Jennifer Hamilton, JoAnn Bedarik, Joyce Hankin, Jules Bittner, Kathryn Conallen, Kelly Anne Spratt, Kenneth Margulies, Kimberly Hibbs, Krista Bean, Kyle Kramer, Leilani Kay Katz, Linda Draves, Linda Grass, Luis Gonzalez, Marianne Harkin, Marie Lucas, Mary Genzano, Matthew Killinger, Michael Amerstein, Michael Curry, Michael Feldman, Michael Halter, Michele Bolles, Michelle Worthmann, Naomi Clark-Turner, Nicole Brice, Pamela Costanzi, Patricia Knese, Patricia Sullivan, Paul Mather, Persis Rice, Pete DiBattiste, Phil Robinson, Richard Webster, Richard Snyder, Robert Ahrens, Rowland Smith III, Samantha Kiwak, Sandra Dingle, Sandy Hackman, Shelley Roberts, Stephanie Austin, Stephen Williams, Steve Hartmann, Steven Honeywell, Susan Croushore, Verdi DiSesa and Vincent Figueredo


Heart Walk t-shirts and prize certificates will be delivered or mailed to you in the new year!

THANK YOU for coming out to the 2014 Philadelphia Heart Walk! We have had 16 successful years of this event, and we could not have done it without each of you. We sincerely appreciate all that our wonderful volunteers do for the Heart Walk year after year.

We are so proud to say this year had the highest event dollars raised in Philadelphia yet! Thank you so much for making this year such a fantastic event!

Take a look at our 2014 Philadelphia Heart Walk Photos!

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