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The 2014 Philadelphia Heart Walk

November 8, 2014

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Congratulations to all of our Top Walkers! Thank you for leading by example!

Al Bendig, Anne Slattery, Bob Burkholder, Carol Ciletti, Chaz Steiner, David Rich, David McQuaid, David Carle, Eileen Censullo, Elliot Barnathan, Frank Daly, Howard Herrmann, Jason Feuerman, JoAnn Bednarik, Joyce Hankin, Linda Draves, Michael Halter, Michael Feldman, Michele Bolles, Michelle Worthmann, Naomi Clark-Turner, Persis Rice, Richard Webster, Stephanie Austin, Susan Croushore, and Vincent Figueredo

Alexa Cupitt’s Heart Story

Alexa Cupitt was born in March of 2010, appearing to be the healthy new addition to our family of now five. The evening she was born, we were informed she had Down syndrome and a heart murmur. The next day she had an echocardiogram and we were informed she had tetralogy of Fallot, a severe congenital heart defect that would require open-heart surgery. Since that day, Alexa has had two cardiac catheterizations and three open-heart surgeries, with more percutaneous and open procedures in her future. Today she is full of energy, running around with her brothers like any other four year-old.

After her first surgery, we were asked by a friend to start a team for the AHA Philadelphia Heart Walk. Thus Team Alexa was born. We have participated in four walks and have raised almost $35,000 to this date. Team Alexa, Inc. is now a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission of helping children with heart disease and/or Down syndrome. We continue to participate in the Heart Walk each year to raise funds to further the advancement of medicine to treat congenital heart disease. Our goal is that every child born with a congenital defect can live a normal, active life. - The Cupitt Family

Alexa's story is just one of the many stories that give life to the Heart Walk. Please join us on November 8 at Citizens Bank Park as we fight against heart disease and stroke!

Send 15 emails through your Heart Walk headquarters by September 22, and earn a chance to win 4 general admission passes to the Philadelphia Museum of Art !

Thank you to all of our Super Star Team Captains! You guys rock!! Super Star Team Captains are team captains who sent 15 emails through the Heart Walk Headquarters and recruited 3 walkers for their team in one week!
Will you be on the list next week?!

Our Super Star Team Captains from September 8-September 14

Betsy Jordan, Einstein Healthcare Network
Britnie Troutman-Kull, Community Teams
Desiree Morasco, Hahnemann University Hospital
Georgina Hurley, Temple Health System
Jenn Kelly, Mercy Health System
Joanne Hill, Main Line Health System
Julia Vincent, Community Teams
Julie Guthre, Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia
Leah Grice, Community Teams
Saundra English, West Chester University
Shelley Roberts, Penn Medicine

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