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Welcome to the Team Page of
FCD <3's BR19
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FCD <3's BR19 Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $4,000.00
Total Raised: $11,106.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 200
Members Recruited: 116

Join Our Team

FC Dallas lost a beloved member of our family, Bobby Rhine, to a sudden heart attack in early September 2011 at the age of 35. Bobby played for FC Dallas from 1999 until 2009 when he joined the staff of FC Dallas as a broadcaster and the voice of the club. To honor Bobby's life, the FC Dallas Foundation has created the Bobby Rhine Heart Project. One element of the project is to raise funds for the AHA and to promote good heart health by walking in the Dallas Heart Walk. The FC Dallas Foundation is donating team shirts to all members. You'll receive an email with details. Join our team and help us honor Bobby!<br>

Team Members:
Total Raised$11,106.00  
General Team Donation$2,236.00  
Melissa Reddick$25.00  
   Evie Baker$25.00  
   Brenda Beard$305.00  
   Ryan Benigno$0.00  
   Michael Bickford$25.00  
   christina boladian$0.00  
   Casey Bowman$25.00  
   Ben Brooks$100.00  
   Blake Allison Brooks$150.00  
   Brian Brooks$0.00  
   Kathy Brooks$1,000.00  
   Cindy Brown$25.00  
   Hayley Brown$0.00  
   Rebekah Brown$0.00  
   Scott Brown$25.00  
   Jason Bruce$25.00  
   Stacy Bruce$25.00  
   John Campbell$0.00  
   Susan Campbell$550.00  
   Greg Carmichael$100.00  
   Heidi Carmichael$125.00  
   Mason Carmichael$25.00  
   Travis Carmichael$25.00  
   Robert Casner$0.00  
   Annika Cerwin$25.00  
   Jennifer Comstock$200.00  
   Erika Cook$0.00  
   John Corbitt$100.00  
   Eleni Cowsert$25.00  
   Sharon Crowder$400.00  
   Gail Crowson$0.00  
   Kesh Curtis$50.00  
   Erik Davila$25.00  
   Heather Davila$0.00  
   Heather Davis$25.00  
   Kaden Davis$25.00  
   David dir$25.00  
   Andre Dobbs$0.00  
   Benjamin & Emily Doherty$200.00  
   Katie Edgar$25.00  
   Wayne Emminizer$0.00  
   Wendy Emminizer$25.00  
   Zachary Emminizer$0.00  
   Alysia Fancher$25.00  
   manny fernandez$40.00  
   Brooke Garcia$25.00  
   Susie Garza$0.00  
   Lauren Glick$25.00  
   Jorge Gonzalez$25.00  
   John Grafer$100.00  
   Leigh Anne Gullett$25.00  
   Lisa Hammond$375.00  
   Amy Havens$25.00  
   Shawn Hibbitt$25.00  
   Rossi Hill$0.00  
   Rylan Hill$50.00  
   Schaeffer Hill$25.00  
   Holliday & Rowdy Hinckley$50.00  
   Amanda Hobaugh$25.00  
   Kara Hoover$25.00  
   Heather Hoskins$50.00  
   Jonathan Hufnagel$0.00  
   Dan Hunt$500.00  
   Ryan Hurtado$0.00  
   Melissa Jannetta$0.00  
   Erik Johannes$0.00  
   Rebecca Johnson$0.00  
   Brian Johnston$150.00  
   Kristin Johnston$100.00  
   Paul and Katie Kadane$150.00  
   Kris Katseanes$0.00  
   Chip Kisabeth$0.00  
   Mayson Kleppe$0.00  
   John Leake$25.00  
   Derek Lilleskov$25.00  
   Angie Lima$50.00  
   Angela Madison$0.00  
   Cassie Manders$25.00  
   Justin McCord$150.00  
   Clayton Meeker$25.00  
   Madison Meeker$0.00  
   Jason Minnick$0.00  
   Kara Mirsberger$0.00  
   Melinda Newman$0.00  
   Drew Oleson$0.00  
   Kelly Oleson$375.00  
   Sally Olinger$25.00  
   Heidi Olinghouse$25.00  
   Douglas Quinnn$100.00  
   Monica Ramirez$1,175.00  
   Robert Rardin$100.00  
   Tessa Recendes$0.00  
   Sherri Reinert$0.00  
   Bevan Rhine$100.00  
   Danny Rhine$100.00  
   Jake Rhine$25.00  
   Miller Rhine$25.00  
   Lesley Rhodes$100.00  
   Amy Robertson$0.00  
   Daniel Robertson$0.00  
   Sarah Saalfield$50.00  
   Mariko Shewmake$25.00  
   Kristin Smith$25.00  
   Tracy Speight$575.00  
   Jason Stevens$0.00  
   Leigh Toney$25.00  
   Stephanie Tracy$25.00  
   Eloisa Vasquez$0.00  
   Cesar Velasco$25.00  
   Marijan Veselinovic$0.00  
   Kelly Weller$50.00  
   Elizabeth Wheeler$0.00  
   Tom & Becky Williams$0.00  
   Stacey Willis$50.00  
   ERica Yanicelli$25.00  
   Gina Zippilli$0.00  

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